RSO (Rick Simpson Oil)

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The history of Rick Simpson Oil

Rick Simpson is best known as a medical marijuana cultivator and activist. Before he became a pioneer in the medical marijuana community, Simpson was an engineer working in Nova Scotia, Canada. It’s here that a work-related injury changed his life forever.

In the late 1990s, Simpson was removing asbestos from a poorly ventilated hospital boiler room when he collapsed from toxic fumes and knocked himself unconscious. Simpson was given immediate medical attention, however, he continued to suffer from dizziness and ringing in his ears for years following the incident. Traditional pharmaceuticals and pain prescriptions failed to provide Simpson with the relief he so desperately needed. He started to research alternative forms of treatment and soon began growing and using marijuana. Finally, he was able to manage his symptoms—all from a plant in his garden no less!

In 2003, Simpson was diagnosed with a form of skin cancer known as basal cell carcinoma. This led him to further explore marijuana as medicine. Simpson read a study from The Journal of the National Cancer Institute in which THC was found to kill cancer cells in mice. Inspired, he extracted oil from his plants and methodically applied it to his skin. As the story goes, the cancerous growths on his arm disappeared in less than a week. From this point on, Simpson was a true believer in the medicinal benefits of marijuana and was determined to share his discovery with the world. As a testament to his character and passion, Simpson chose not to patent his oil or his method of extraction. Instead, he encouraged RSO to be accessible to all who needed it.

RSO - Original
Original - Hybrid Blend

This full-spectrum cannabinoid, lipid and chlorophyll enriched oil has a hybrid enhanced terpene profile and is perfect for those looking for overall therapeutic benefits and well being. Available in Cherry and Blue Raspberry flavors.

RSO - Recovery
Recovery – Sativa Blend

With it's anti-inflammatory, pain-relief and anti-anxiety properties, Recovery RSO is perfect for athletes and those looking for a natural way to recover. The sativa-enhanced blend of THC, CBD, CBG, CBC and CBN provides all the benefits of the "Entourage Effect". Available in Mango and Pear flavors.

RSO - Rest/Sleep
Rest/Sleep – Indica Blend

With a therapeutic amount of THC, CBD and CBN, Rest/Sleep RSO promotes relaxation and a restful night's sleep. The indica-leaning terpene blend is the perfect addition to your nighttime routine and will help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. Available in Mixed Berry and Watermelon flavors.

Therapeutic RSO Darts

Our lineup of RSO Darts are made from cannabinoid-rich, broad-spectrum extract that contains all the beneficial plant matter and is the most medicinal cannabis concentrate available. It stimulates the endocannabinoid system to help prevent many ailments and to offer therapeutic benefits. Simply put a drop on a piece of food or directly on your tongue to ingest and get maximum effects. Select a product below for full details.

Convenient RSO Gummies

Our RSO Gummies are one of the most therapeutically-beneficial cannabis products on the market. The full-spectrum cannabinoid, lipid and chlorophyll enriched gummies come in six delicious flavors. Whether you're looking for the pain relief and anti-inflammatory effects from our Recovery blends or the sleep-inducing effects from our Rest/Sleep blends, we have a gummy that's right for you. Select a product below for full details.

Versatile RSO Droppers

The new 200mg RSO Droppers are a convenient and effective way to experience the therapeutic effects of RSO in three great flavors – Original/Cherry, Recovery/Mango and Rest-Sleep/Mixed Berry. The RSO is combined with MCT oil that is easily digestible, provides fast and efficient absorption and has energizing effects. The dropper-style applicator makes micro-dosing a breeze and allows the user to consume the oil orally, sublingually or infused in a drink. Select a product below for full details.

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