Twin Pod

Cannalicious Labs continues to innovate with this revolutionary new product in its premium concentrate lineup. The first-of-its-kind Twin Pod contains two distinct terpene-infused blends of premium cannabis oil that gives the consumer two unique, smooth and effective experiences in a single vape cart.

  • Two full grams of premium distillate per cart
  • Disposable and rechargeable - never worry that your battery will die before your vape is empty
  • Separate heating chambers to maximize shelf life and taste consistency
  • Sativa Blend / Sour Tangie Haze - for an uplifting start to your day
  • Indica Blend / Strawberry Trainwreck - for a relaxing effect to help you unwind
  • Hybrid Blends / Cookies 'n Cream or White Widow - for all-around effects'

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